Sitting Posture By Experts: (How To Properly Sit)

Sitting Posture By Experts: (How To Properly Sit)

Proper Sitting Posture is something you shouldn’t be ignoring.

It should be noted that bad computer posture doesn’t just lead to temporary strain or discomfort…

But it results to long term negative effects.

Proper Sitting Posture Based On Experts

From Resource 1, Resource 2, Resource 3, and other credible resources that we have gathered for the importance of posture in a workplace…

A uniform of studies come in an agreement for the best sitting position in front of a computer.

According to Medical New’s posture article, sitting properly can help:

  • Reduce strain on the body during movement and exercise
  • Reduce wear and tear on the joints, muscles, and ligaments
  • Maintain your balance while moving and exercising
  • Reduce the risk of muscle strain and overuse conditions
  • Improve spine health

Tips For Sitting At A Desk All Day

1. Correct Sitting Posture

How To Properly Sit

According to a study, the right angle of sitting posture in chair that resulted in the least amount of pressure is sitting 135 degrees backwards.

How to sit correctly on a computer chair:
  1. Sit up back straight (not sluggish) with your shoulder pulled back and buttock touching the end of the seat
  2. Keep your feet flat on the floor, adjust seat height, knees equal to, or slightly lower than your hips. (Sitting with “knees higher than hips” is a big NO.)
  3. Adjust back of the chair. Make sure neck and head is in an upright angle and ears aligned with shoulders. –Dr. Dean Fisherman.
  4. Correct sitting posture is avoiding to lean on any sides.
  5. Keep your hips even. Leave 2-3 inch small gap between thighs to reduce pressure build up.
  6. Don’t sit with legs crossed, it will restrict blood flow resulting varicose.

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2. Excercises For Good Sitting Posture

How To Properly Sit

No matter how good you are at proper sitting position, it’s a fact that long sitting position is fundamentally hazardous to your health. Studies recommend to move for short periods every 30 minute or so when sitting for extended intervals to increase blood flow and re-energize the body.

How to avoid sitting to long at work:
  • A good sitting posture is having a good arm stretch (up, side) for every 30 minutes.
  • Stand periodically in your workflow. Take a break and do some short walks around your work space.
  • Do simple ergonomic exercises every 30 minutes. (trunk twist, arm stretch, head rotation, power walk)
  • Make sure room is well lit. Dim lighting fatigues your eyes more quickly.
  • Take eye breaks frequently. Look at objects from a distant of atleast 20 feet.

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3. Proper Ergonomic Desk Chair

How To Properly Sit

Correct sitting posture is easier using the right ergonomic chair for your ergonomic workspace. Desk chair ergonomics should be supportive, comfortable, adjustable and over all durable. So consider buying a posture correcting chair on your shopping.

Below are some features for computer chair ergonomics:
  • Backrest that supports your upper and lower back, fitting the natural curve of your spine.
  • Ability to adjust height, backrest, and armrest for good sitting posture
  • Headrest and lumbar that support sitting
  • Good type of cushioning.

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Check this Guide to know more features of a proper ergonomic chair.

In addition to Pink Gaming Chairs, we publish selected ergonomically designed supportive chairs for better posture that encourage proper sitting and body alignment in order to improve posture, reduce pain and increase productivity. 


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